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You can register on our homepage by completing a special form. You can only make use of our services to their full extent once you have completed all the items marked with a (*) and have accepted our terms. We will send you your login-name and your password via email as soon as possible. You wish to change your password? You cannot change your password online. Please send us a mail to: info@kosecki.de . You will immediately receive a new password in connection with your login-name.


Our fees our based on the guidelines of the Mittelstandsvereinigung Foto-Marketing (MFM)
Many exceptional cases regarding usage require individual calculation of fees. Please get in touch with us. Please send us a mail to: info@kosecki.de


There two ways in which you can search in our database: You can either choose the mode database in the search field, or you can use the option image search in the section images on our homepage. The search mask in question will appear in a new window. Enter one or several keywords or image numbers into the field marked keyword, image number. Please note that image numbers always have eight digits. Zeros must also be entered.


1.Any kind of utilization is not only defined by previously settled agreements but also by the laws of copyright. Any publication must include the following copyright notice: Picture Rolf Kosecki.
Furthermore, at least two royalty free authors copies (including reference to place of publication of each picture) per published author must be forwarded to Rolf Kosecki.
(This does not apply to films and television. Exceptions can be negotiated in case of commercial usage.)
2.A surcharge of 100% will be added to the fee in question if references to sources/authorities are omitted.
3. Any duplications of our copies require a written agreement.
4.Our pictures and texts may not be used in any way in which their meaning or the truth is altered.
The photographs provided can only be used for commercials or election campaigns provided that explicit consent in writing was obtained.
Photographs of people may only be used in editorial contexts. The user is liable for changes in the included texts.
He is obliged to take the journalistic principles of the Deutsche Presserat (press codex) into consideration.
Rolf Kosecki will not assume liability for damages or claims connected with the publication of the photographs/manuscripts provided.


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